Admissions to the Computer Engineering Major


To become a CE Major:

  1. Get admitted to the University of Utah
  2. Designate your major as either “Pre-Computer Engineering” or, if you qualify, as “Computer Engineering”. For information on enrolling as a pre-major or on qualifying as a full major at entrance, check the handbook or speak with the program advisor.
  3. Check our resources for transfer students to determine which of your credits can transfer to the CE program.
  4. Earn an minimum average GPA of 2.5 on all U of U courses, a minimum average GPA of 2.8, and a minimum grade of “C-‘ in all the following pre-major courses:
    • Math 1210 or 1310, and 1220 or 1320
    • Physics 2210
    • Computer Science 1410 and 2420
    • Electrical and Computer Engineering 1250
    • University English writing requirement (WRTG 2010, ESL 1060, EAS 1060, or Honor 2211)
    • (All these pre-major courses must be taken for a letter grade.)
  5. Apply for major status using the CE Major Status Application. Please note that applications are only processed at the end of every semester.



With any questions or concerns about the admission process, please speak with the program advisor.