The Undergraduate Computer Engineering Program


Employment Opportunities

Engineering Student Jobs

The College of Engineering maintains the Engineering Student Jobs website that lets students create custom email notifications for engineering jobs posted by the College’s industrial partners.

Career Services

The University Office of Career Services offers an internship program which allows qualified students to work in their fields of interest for all or part of their junior and/or senior years. This can be done on a full or part time basis, either in Salt Lake City or elsewhere. Students generally are paid for their work but receive no academic credit.

The benefits of such experience include exposure to ideas which could help with career decisions, making contacts which may be useful sometime in the future, and valuable experience in an area that is pertinent to current studies. Among the corporations participating are IBM, Hewlett Packard, L-3 Communications Systems, Intel, and Micron. Many of our majors take advantage of this valuable opportunity. Students seeking employment should register with the University Office of Career Services.

Computer Operators / Teaching Assistants

Both the School of Computing and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering employ a number of junior and senior students as computer operators and as teaching assistants. These jobs involve no more than 20 hours of work per week at an appropriate hourly wage. Appointments are made each semester based on student applications, which should be submitted prior to the start of each term. These applications are available on the ECE department website and the School of Computer website. In addition, general inquiries are received periodically from local industry and from University of Utah research groups for students who are interested in working part or full time. These are posted on a computer bulletin board which is accessible to majors. More information may be obtained from the Academic Counselor.

Students seeking employment upon graduation should contact the University Office of Career Services in order to be included on a list supplied to employers. Students not planning to work towards an advanced degree should register with Career Services during their junior year, since most companies begin interviewing in the fall semester.